How to loose weight after pregnancy

How to lose weight after pregnancy in a healthy way. Now that the baby is already a reality, lose the weight gained in pregnancy can be a new mission. Although … Continue Reading →


Whey Protein – What is it? how and when to take it

Whey Protein – What is it? how and when to take it What it is: Whey is left over when milk coagulates and contains everything that is soluble from milk. … Continue Reading →


How to keep in shape while on holiday?

How to keep in shape  while on holiday?   For many of us holidays means freedom!!! Sleep and wake up when you want to do anything you want anytime you want. … Continue Reading →


Why is breakfast so important??

    Why is breakfast so important??     It is still common to hear some people mention that now that they are on a diet they started to “skip” … Continue Reading →


Motivational quotes for a healthier you!!

Motivational quotes for a healthier you!!   Here’s my favourite quotes,when you need that extra push,that extra motivation…when you feel lazy or simply down,print out this quotes and stick them … Continue Reading →


Diet for muscle definition

Diet for Muscle definition There are people who can easily define their muscles with just a few trips a week to the gym or even working out at home. It … Continue Reading →


Luton fitness challenge

Luton fitness challenge   This is Cleo she is 29 years old and currently in University in Luton studying law, she is one of the nicest people that you can … Continue Reading →


My abdominal workout

As some people have asked me to explain what abdominal workout to do , I decided to do a post dedicated only to abs. I have great pleasure to train abs and … Continue Reading →


It’s easy to eat good!!

TUNA SALAD         The carbohydrates and protein of tuna are excellent sources of energy for the body, and the canned tuna maintains a high vitamin content. Delight … Continue Reading →


Magic Dumbbells

Strength training with dumbbells I have received several requests to create a strength training program for individuals, men and women who want to train at home, but have only or just … Continue Reading →