Why is breakfast so important??


  Why is breakfast so important??




It is still common to hear some people mention that now that they are on a diet they started to “skip” some meals, especially breakfast. A decision that could not be more wrong! According to a large number of nutritionists breakfast is really the most important meal of the day and should be taken serious  and full of essential nutrients.

Even with the morning rush and  little time to make breakfast, it is important to start thinking about spending some time to this important meal. Your body will tank you!

                                                          Importance of Breakfast

If we think we spent many hours sleeping  and our body needs to “recharge batteries”, we realize the importance of breakfast. Beyond that we need a rapid supply of energy for our morning activities.

A balanced breakfast also allows a better distribution of food during the day and prevents a greater need to have plenty to eat at lunch. According to nutritionists, the ideal is to ensure  that you do not spend much time without eating.


                                         Consequences of not having breakfast

– Tiredness and loss of concentration;

– Headaches and irritability;

– Decreased reflexes and muscle strength;

– Decreased intellectual capacity;

– Increased likelihood of having high cholesterol and obesity;



What’s the ideal breakfast?

Even though the ideal breakfast may vary slightly from person to person (and even culturally) – some people like coffee with milk, others prefer whole grains, or toast with fresh milk – the ideal is that breakfast is varied and balanced!!

An ideal breakfast should contain:

– One serving of dairy – If you do not appreciate a lot of milk, eat more yogurt and cheese, which provide calcium and protein needed for our body;

– A dose of bread or cereal – preferably integrals through the carbohydrate provides the energy required daily;

– A dose of fruit -Fresh fruit not canned, which provides us with the essential vitamins and minerals.

Many people say they do not feel the need to take breakfast in the morning, or even unable to eat anything anytime soon. This is due, in large part, the routines of our organism. If we do not usually take the breakfast, our body stops feeling this need.

However, it is necessary for our health and well-being to teach our body to feel better and in shape. Because, according to some studies,those who usually have breakfast have a greater tendency to have the ideal weight!!

What about you??do you have breakfast??


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